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About Palm Of Deborah

Palm of Deborah started in 2004 by Sheila Subramanien the founder and visionary. I saw a great need to help those who were poverty stricken, and the need to empower people with a low self-esteem, the aged needed encouragement and support.

People needed to be taught, trained and equipped in life in order to be self-sufficient, there are people who, are struggling with drug addiction and alcohol. P.O.D. Entered into an arena of community help at the right time. P.O.D. Is philanthropic in its ideology. Lack of funds and resources hindered the progress of Palm of Deborah but made the best of the limited funds and resources.

Thus P.O.D. Has been involved in feeding programs in schools, shelters and the homeless and the ARV/TB children + - 250 children P.O.D. has provided medical screening for sugar and pressure for the aged, and the Stonebridge medical team was present, and the testing of the eyes was done by plaza optometrist.

Where free glasses (ray bands) were won and also key rings were also given. Presently P.O.D. is running a senior’s citizens club @ the Stanmore library on the first Friday of every month, where the aged are given food, games, entertainment and its skills and dressmaking, hairdressing and sewing and bead work which will be running for 2019, also did horticulture and floral arrangements as part of skills training and will soon do gardening in the near future.

P.O.D. Has provided hampers for the past 4 years and hope that the kind n passionate sponsors who faithfully and lovingly give to the organization will be blessed for their contribution. Palm of Deborah plans to open an old age home and a shelter for the homeless n a dialysis clinic for the less fortunate n will be linked with a gov. Hospital, many cannot afford to pay for the services, P.O.D. Wants to open a preschool where retired teachers n young qualified teachers will be employed to create jobs, and will also provide counseling for those who are addicted to drugs, marriage and also HIV aids victims, free legal advice will be offered to the community.